The foundation of all our plans is our Fully-Managed Recovery, the industry Gold Standard. 
Why?  Because no one company or plan can prevent all identity theft and fraud from occurring.
Plan Options
CORE Essential
Member Pricing
$8/monthly - family

  • Fully-Managed Identity Theft Recovery Plan
  • It's simple.  If you believe you are a victim or have become a victim of Identity Theft - give us a call and we'll get right to work to restore your good name.  Our fully-managed process uses a Limited Power of Attorney so your Recovery Advocate
    can work on your behalf.

    Our Recovery Advocates are licensed Private Investigators that are FCRA, FACT Act and CITRMS certified.
  • CORE Essential covers all forms of Identity Theft - including medical, financial, criminal, family fraud and more.  We even cover unknown identity theft events!
  • Trusted Results = Peace of Mind
CORE Comprehensive
Member Pricing
$19/monthly - family

  • ALL the features of CORE Essential
  • Credential Vault with Lost Wallet Services
  • SSN and Non-Credit Identity Monitoring
     - Email and SMS text alerts
  • Internet Monitoring Public / Criminal Sites
     - Email and SMS text alerts
  • $1,000,000 Reimbursement Insurance*
    Coverage highlights:
    - eligible out-of-pocket expenses
    - Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer     (UEFT)
    *insurance not available to residents of New York
  • Annual TransUnion Credit Report and Score
  • Child Recovery Plan
     - all children in household through age 24
CORE Elite
Member Pricing
$29/monthly - family

  • ALL the features of CORE Comprehensive
  • Annual 3 Bureau Credit Report and Scores
  • Criminal  / Court Records Monitoring
  • SCORE Tracker
    - track your TransUnion credit score monthly
     - email alerts when changes occur
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Member Testimonials
"Thank you for your assistance and outstanding customer service by exceeding my expectations in resolving my case in a timely manner." 
Robert J.

"...We really appreciate all your help & follow up.  It's a pretty scary thing at this stage of our lives and know you're there to help is invaluable." 
James D.